About Us


Burgess Baskets is a family owned and managed business which has been manufacturing wooden basket and box container products since 1990. Burgess has been shipping quality boxes and baskets to the United States and Canada for over 17 years.


Burgess Baskets and boxes are carefully constructed one at time by from quality Nova Scotia Aspen hardwood. Our family prides itself on the quality of our products, and our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs for durable wooden containers.





In the market place traditional wood products are the perfect “display case” for the fruits and vegetables they contain. The rustic look combined with the warmth of wood enhances marketability. In fact, many of the company’s products end up being used for other purposes long after the fruits and vegetables they contained are gone.




We have expanded our product line for our agricultural customers to include four styles of peck baskets. In addition, we have introduced a solid bottom bushel basket product (with cover) which is increasingly used in the fishing industry.